I will deliver 5 BEST,Most Creative Slogans, Taglines

deliver 5 BEST,Most Creative Slogans, Taglines

About This Gig

 What’s On Offer:  We will give you 5 creative and appealing Tagline’s - Slogans for your business. Your business deserves to be noticed with a unique Slogan or Tagline that your clients will remember you by.

▪   Information Just give us your business name to work with. We only create Professional style Tagline's - Slogans that promote you and your business - and NOT the humorous rhyming type.  

▪   Re-brand:  Let our product help to Re-brand your business?

▪   Copyrights:  All work is completely “Royalty Free” use it publicly 100%

▪   Revisions:  Should you need any revisions to your order, I will be happy to do practical revisions for free.

▪   Problems:  In the event of any problems please contact us immediately so we can rectify the issue.

▪   Contact:  Any questions regarding this gig please contact me through Fiverr.

If you've tried other tagline writers on Fiverr and been less than satisfied, give me a try.  I'll deliver your slogans on time and on target