I will build Google Analytics Reports


About This Gig

Print-Ready Google Analytics Reports are easy to share and show a quick custom snapshot of how people are using your site. Included Data Items/Metrics:

  1. Total Page views across entire site
  2. Total Page views on Home/Specific Pages 
  3. Top Hours of Day when users explore your site
  4. Top Days of Week when users explore your site
  5. Top Months of Year when users explore your site
  6. Top Cities your users are visiting from
  7. Top States where users are visiting from
  8. Top Countries your users are visiting from
  9. Your company logo added to your Report
  10. Automated to run everyday on Google Drive + PDF.

See Sample Reports:

Order Details

Print-Ready Analytics Report (Auto)

Report shows the most popular parts of your site, most-active times and where users are from & more.

3 days delivery 3 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a Google Analytics Account?
    Yes. You need to already have Google Analytics on your website in order to create custom reports for you.
  • What is in a basic custom analytics report?
    See Sample Report: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144018832@N04/29525810864 1. Home Page views 2. Specific URL Page views 3. Top Hours of Day 4. Top Days of Week 5. Top Months of Year 6. Top Cities 7. Top States 8. Top Countries 9. PDF/Google Drive Format 10. Auto-runs report each day
  • In what formats can I receive my custom report?
    PDF format and Google Sheets. Your report will be automated to run each day, so all you have to do is download as PDF or view it in Google Drive Sheets.
  • Are Revisions included if my needs change?
    Yes, 3 revisions are included after the first version of your report is sent out. For example changing your logo, removing data or selecting new colors to match your brand.