I will transcribe sheet music or chords charts of any song

transcribe sheet music or chords charts of any song
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

If you need a sheet music or chords charts of an especific musical theme and you don´t find it by internet. I wil transcribe it for you. I also can transcribe that song that you recorded it.

If you composed or wrote a song i can do, play or edit the musical arrangements to get the score of he theme with the parts of instruments that you like. I will also transcribe the choir voices and the choral or orchestral arrangements changing the musical genre of a theme to produced a fresh exclusive cover for you.

Finale 2014 is the software that i used and at the end of my job i will send it in pdf (score and parts of each instrument) 

If is a musical arrangement or orchestral job i will send the finale file and the arrangement audio (mp3/midi)

The job's price can change according to time of the song, parts of instruments, level of complexity of the transcription and musical arrangement. So ask for any doubt before you make your order. My main goal is satisfy your expectations keeping the highest standards.

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