I will rewrite your English words to American style

rewrite your English words to American style

About This Gig

You have worked hard to write your website or marketing content to reach customers in the United States. Invest in your work and have an American read through your words and change grammar and phrases to sound more native English speaking. Translating from books or software will give you the meaning of the words but not the natural, free flowing phrases that a native speaker would use.


Make life easier under your click, buy cheap dress for simple life.

I will change to:

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Rates for re-writing your words are 500 words for $5. If you have more than 500 words, order gig extra for each 500 additional words.

If your words are on a website, you can copy and paste to a document to send to me as an attachment. If you do not have time to copy and paste the website to a document, I will be happy to do it for you if you order the “gig extra” below for an extra $10.

If you feel your writing is very good and only want me to correct spelling and grammar, please see my gig.  https://www.fiverr.com/breezeoffice/correct-spelling-and-grammar-on-your-website