I will write 3 reviews for your product, app, etc

write 3 reviews for your product, app, etc

About This Gig

'''''Please note that you need to contact me before and give me the details about the product, service, app, etc that you want to review''''''

For 5$ I will write 5 stars profesional reviews for your 
  • Products/Items
  • Mobile app
  • Website
  • Service
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Book
  • Movie
  • Place
  • Bussines
  • Etc.
I have 3 options for you
  1. You will give me the reviews that you have me to write (positive). for 1 gig
  2. I will write my own reviews with my own words (positive). for 2 gigs
  3. I will test your product, services, etc and I write my own sincere review (real). check my extras
For real test check out my extras:

I can test:
  • Movile apps (android)
  • Websites
  • Online services
  • Music, songs, audio
  • Movie
  • Videos
  • Book
  • Products/items like: Perfume samples, food samples, beauty samples, makeup samples, etc.   
''I will not purchase it even if is not free''