I will do a profitability assessment


About This Gig

Key to understanding the feasibility of your business, product, or idea is finding out whether or not it can be profitable. Getting an honest assessment, without paying an arm & leg, is next to impossible.

I will conduct in-depth market research, using commercial & non-commercial resources, to assess your business or idea's profitability. Research will cover an overall look at your business idea, but pay particular focus to the following 5 categories:

1. Demand - Within your industry, a glance at the market, degree of demand, & unfilled needs

2. Industry - An overall glimpse at the profitability within your industry and its current maturity 

3. Barriers - A rating on the perceived ease or difficulty to enter the industry

4. Competition/Substitutions - A look at what other products or businesses you may need to compete with (This is not necessarily a bad thing!)

5. Overall Profitability - This category answers key questions like; How much are people willing to spend? Is it fixing an existing problem? Are costs manageable?

The best part about your profitability assessment is the DIBCO Score. A metric delivered from 1-100 that let's you know just how profitable you can be!

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