I will write lethal copy for your target market

write lethal copy for your target market

About This Gig

Copy that sells is remarkably rare.

       Many people market themselves as “sales” copywriters, when they have no training or experience in actual sales. There are some specific, and counter-intuitive principles involved in sales, that the writer is not trained or experienced in, and when you don’t have these elements present in your sales copy, it simply won’t sell.

       No matter how well the copy reads, how good the grammar is, or how intelligent the copy sounds, without proven sales principles present in the copy, it is just a good read for your potential client. I’m here to remedy that for you by writing copy that SELLS.

       I am not only trained in writing, but also trained, experienced and successful in sales. I’m here on Fiverr to help small companies grow by developing Powerful Copy that SELLS.

($5 gig covers 25 words. Be sure to order gig extras for the length of copy you need!)

any questions - please message me.

I look forward to working on your project with you!