I will create a DDP file for your song or album

create a DDP file for your song or album

About This Gig

You've worked hard putting the final touches on your work and you're just about to release your music to the world, congrats!

The LAST thing you need to worry about, is having friends, family, and supporters open an "untitled.WAV" of your latest song.

This is where DDP images come into play!

What I will do:
- Create a DDP image/write ISRC to your mastered WAV/AIFF
- Ensure Redbook Audio Standards
- Burn Track Title, Album, Artist, and MORE to your WAV/AIFF
- 100% original and unique codes to ensure your tracks read what you'd like in iTunes, BandCamp, Etc.
- Prepare your music for distribution and release on any format!

For $5
- I will create a DDP image of ONE song!

For $15:
- I will create a DDP file of AN ENTIRE ALBUM (CD limit of 90 min,)


- Add a "Hidden Track" at the beginning of you album (For CD distribution)

If you have ANY questions at all regarding DDP's, Mastering, or Audio Distribution before your order, please feel free to send me a message and I will gladly help! :)