I will write a compelling About Us page

write a compelling About Us page

About This Gig

Every company has a story and the "About us" page is the perfect place to tell that story in a genuine way. Forget about selling the product for a second and think about how your company came to be.

hen someone clicks on your About us page they usually have one question in mind: "Who are these guys?"
Use the About Us page to reach out to your prospective customers, let them know who you are and "reinforce why" you are a better choice than your competitors. Whatever the case may be there's always a story behind your company.

Let me help you:

  1. Introduce who you are
  2. Create instant bond and rapport with your audience
  3. Share the reason why and the passion behind what you do

I will conduct a thorough research about your company, organization, enterprise or business then write 300-400 words of content for your About us page or About me section.

Please contact me before ordering the gig!