I will answer a question about atheism

answer a question about atheism

About This Gig

If you have a question about atheism or atheists, I'd be happy to answer it. You might just be curious or have questions about your own faith. You may use my answer for a news article, essay or project. I served on the board of Atheists United, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to building a community of atheists and advocating for secular government. I founded the Ventura Chapter of AU and was the newsletter editor and office administrator for several years. I also serve on the board and am a program director for a summer camp for children of atheist families, Camp Quest West. In short, I have been a professional atheist. I am a college-educated professional, married with children; certainty not the fire-breathing heathen some people expect.

I will deliver a 500 word response to your question as close to the accepted consensus of the atheist, humanist, skeptic, rationalist community as possible.  All answers are my opinion, however I have run many workshops, training, and new member orientations as well as maintain many connections to the atheist community and have lots of experience acting on behalf of atheist groups as liaison and spokesman. You CAN quote me on whatever I say.

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