I will edit your podcast audio

edit your podcast audio

About This Gig

I am an audio professional with 20 years experience mixing and producing live music and have recently become involved in the podcasting community. I offer my experience to those passionate about podcasting but do not know the nuts and bolts of audio editing or would rather not spend the time doing it.

Services include
-Adding intro, outro, & background music
-Editing out breaths, pauses, mouth noises, uhhs
-Snipping words, misspoken phrases, or restructure conversation
-Normalizing & compressing volume over several clips
-Creating promos & segments that can be used over again 
-Optimizing audio for fast downloads or high quality playback.

For $5 I will perform a single edit to a file or join or fade two files.

All other work is $25 an hour. It takes about 3 hours of editing to produce one hour of audio on average but that can vary depending on the nature and number of edits on your files. The more I work on your show, the faster I can get the work done, especially after developing an episode template that subsequent episodes can follow.

Send me a write up of the tasks you'd like completed and I'd send you back an estimate. 

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision