I will offer fashion advice for big and tall men

offer fashion advice for big and tall men

About This Gig

Are you a big guy looking for fashion advice?  I can help!  I'm the author of "How to be a Fat Man, Dress Well and Not Look Dumpy," about how to dress well while being a big man.  As a fellow big man, I know looking good can be a difficult process.  It's often lonely as most mainstream fashion advice is for skinny people and the many labels, sizes and cuts that big and tall clothing comes in can be very confusing. For each order, send me two full length mirror selfies and I'll offer up some friendly-but-frank constructive criticism and offer suggestions, tricks, and tips for dressing better.  I WILL NOT BE MEAN!  I am a 3XL guy myself and have years of experience working in men's retail fashion and dressing myself in professional and casual environments.  If you have a different idea of how I can help you, just ask!

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