I will create an Amazing VIDEO Sales Letter

create an Amazing VIDEO Sales Letter
create an Amazing VIDEO Sales Letter

About This Gig

Did you know that 92% of the top selling products on Clickbank (the largest digital marketplace online) use Video Sales Letters? 

Did you also know that Fiverr gigs that have videos sell 220% more?

And finally, did you also know that by 2016, 55% of all traffic will come from video?

The truth is that it takes a long period of time to create videos, especially high converting ones, and let's not forget it's overly expensive to hire someone to do it for you for 1000s of dollars. 

The good news is that today you get the unique opportunity to get a High-Converting Video Sales Letter for a fraction of the price, $5 to be exact!

Please Note:
  1. If you provide me with a script, then it's $5 for every 100 words (minus audio) 
  2. If you provide me with an audio, then it's $10 for every 30 seconds (I'll synchronize the video and audio) 
  3. If you provide me with both the script and the audio, then it's only $10 for 1 minute of video with audio
  4. The high converting VSL will be in MP4 format.
  5. You will get a premium slide theme

NB: No Porn, Drugs or Gambling orders allowed!

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