I will create 20 High Quality US Based Edu Backlinks

create 20 High Quality US Based Edu Backlinks
create 20 High Quality US Based Edu Backlinks

About This Gig

I will manually create 20 UNIQUE & High Quality US based .edu backlinks for your URL e.g. your website/blog, YouTube video, Amazon page, Affiliate offer, Fiverr gig, etc.

According to Wikipedia, the domain name edu is a sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Since 2001, new registrants to the domain have been required to be United States-affiliated institutions of higher education.

These sites therefore have huge authority and trust flow

My gig is 100% manual and safe. I will basically be getting you backlinks from blog comments in VERY High Quality .edu sites which have very few out bound-links. This is due to the fact that very few know about them. It took me 7 days of hard work just to find them :)

Some allow anchors while others only allow the naked URL. This will help give you a diversified profile (Highly recommended)

You'll get a FULL REPORT upon completion of work

1. The basic $5 gig will get you 20 Unique No-Follow backlinks (Still effective). Please see gig extras for REAL Do-Follow signals.

2. It's ONLY 1 URL PER GIG. See gig extras for more options


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I will create 20.edu backlinks

I shall create 20.edu backlinks