I will post your offer in 50 Active FACEBOOK Groups

post your offer in 50 Active FACEBOOK Groups

About This Gig

I will PROMOTE your link or message in FACEBOOK to:

1. 50 Groups

2. 100 Groups 

3. 150 Groups

4. 200 Groups

The PROMOTED message can be:
  • A Website URL 
  • A Fan Page 
  • A Blog post
  • A YouTube video 
  • An Affiliate URL

Majority of these people live in United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

You can use a link tracking service to help keep track of your hits (except Adfly and ad focus links). 

Please keep in mind I DON'T USE ANY BOTS!!! All the clicks you will get however few or many will be from REAL PEOPLE, NOT BOTS!!!

I will also provide you with screenshots and sample URLs as proof that you message has been shared in the number of groups you've ordered!

Please note that all messages will be spun before being PROMOTED on FACEBOOK(Highly Recommended!)

->Results are dependent on your Message/Offer<-

NB: No Porn, Drugs or Gambling links allowed!

Exclusive on Fiverr Only

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