I will format and convert your book to kindle standard

format and convert your book to kindle standard

About This Gig

Hi, my name is bridget222 nice to have you

If you have written an ebook, we can safely assume that you will work with Word, and store your files as DOC or RTF, which are the two file formats mostly used for storing text.

MS Word has multiple powerful features like spell checker and a grammar checker, it also works accurately using tables, images and other objects that will help you make your book captivating and appealing for your readers.

But when your book is finished and ready to be sold, you will need to convert it to a PDF file.

Yes that’s why i am here this gig will help covert that captivating and appealing ebook of yours from word to the best of PDF format so you can have it on every site for quality sales. note my gig offers,

·         100% satisfaction

.          Distinct quality

.          captivating turn arround

.          top class services

please contact me before placing your order thanks