I will add captions to your YouTube video 20 minutes

add captions to your YouTube video 20 minutes

About This Gig

[Current Special: June 25th onward]
- Free 24h delivery on select orders
- Discounts on bulk orders!


I am offering:

- Provide me with a transcript of your audio/video and I will create perfectly timed captions for your videos!
- I will provide you with a subtitle file ready to be uploaded straight to YouTube

Why? Who is this for?
- Anyone with a YouTube channel! Give your videos a sense of professionalism with accurate captions. Wildly innacurate automatic captioning can turn the professional into laughable
- Open up your content to the:
  • hard of hearing
  • deaf
  • ESL (English as Second Language) communities
- Increase user experience. If users find the video's content difficult to understand, or speech too fast, captions will keep them watching!
- Affect your SEO results. Words in captions are taken into account when people search for videos

Feel free to message me with any questions prior to placing an order.

If you don't have a transcript and need someone to transcribe and subtitle a video, check out my other gig!