I will create online flashcards for you from any document

create online flashcards for you from any document

About This Gig

November '16 Special:
<24h turnaround on small orders!
Discounts for sizeable/bulk orders!

Do you need help creating online flashcards from textbooks and other documents? Let me help!

Are you studying a language, and need to transcribe hundreds of words from a textbook?
Just take a photo and let me do the rest!

Whether you're trying to memorise all the regions of Japan, learning kanji, or studying pinyin intonation, I can help!

Having studied a language for 4 years, I have trialled many a flashcard app, and created thousands of flashcards for myself and friends.

With this gig, I offer you my quick data entry skills and attention to detail.

Simply attach/scan/take a photo of the material you want turned into flashcards, tell me what program you use (Anki, Flashcards Deluxe etc) and I can quickly create an excel spreadsheet (or whatever else your flashcard program requires) for you!

Don't spend hours transcribing when you can spend that time better focusing on your perfectly formed SRS flashcards!

I am a native English speaker, intermediate fluency in Greek and Japanese, and have studied beginner's German. I can also work with languages outside of these!

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I will transcribe your flashcards from any source, into a flashcard format!

2 days delivery