I will tutor you through Genki I,II Japanese textbooks

tutor you through Genki I,II Japanese textbooks

About This Gig

Hi! I'm a native English speaker currently studying the Japanese language & Linguistics at university.

I went through an intense study course completing both Genki I & II in one year (a chapter a week). I achieved an HD average (High distinction, 80%+) and achieved N4 of the JLPT at the end.

I feel like I know these texts inside out & want to help others!
I have also gathered many resources over the time that I've been studying, as well as made a solid list of Japanese contacts.

I am offering:

Tutoring chapter by chapter:
-Can help explain concepts & grammar points the chapter introduces
-Provide answer checking for textbook & workbook answers

No self-discipline?
I understand that self-learning can be hard, and that I work best when pushed. Can't push yourself? Let me be that pusher! Email/LINE reminders, checking workbooks, getting you to challenge yourself!

Just need work checked?
Just need your text or workbook responses checked? No problem!
If this is all you need, cheaper rates!

Please contact me prior with what you require to tailor a specific service & price to you!