I will be your friend to message you on Kik


About This Gig

Do you need someone: 

to just listen, chat, message about anything on your mind?

I will be your outstanding, attentive listener. I will only offer my opinion if you want.

Nothing sexual, we can chat on Fiverr message, or Kik.

I am curious to see what topics come up and I would like to genuinely help others !

If you need to communicate about:
Your frustration
Work/home/relationship issues
Your happiness/sadness
Hear your side of the story
What to do
Just want to chat
Feedback/Opinion on your decision 
Are you trying to stop a bad habit
If you need that person to motivate you to help you stick to your routine

I am here to listen and chat with you.

Order Details

Message on Fiverr / Kik

Attentive Friendly Confidential Listener/ Friend 30 min

1 day delivery