I will work long for you as a best virtual assistant

work long for you as a best virtual assistant

About This Gig

Are you in search of such a Virtual Assistant who could work for you as long as you need? If yes, i am a Virtual Assistant having first hand experience in keeping information confidentially. Your order will be treated as such accordingly.

I want to help you succeed in reaching your goals becoming your Virtual Assistant. I know that some tasks can be time consuming so that is why I come in to make your life and work load easier for you to manage. 

I will complete your order in a timely manner and i am committed to work and deliver what you require until you are satisfied.

I will really appreciate it, if you message me first to see if I can do your work, before you place your order! 

For the basic $5 order, I can provide the best Virtual Assisting services you require, (each service is offered separately) These Include:
  • All types of data entries
  • Research
  • Respond/Send your emails (50 If you provide the script)
  • Manage your account (20)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Copy & Paste 
  • Typing (5 pages)
  •  Manage your emails/labelling your folders

     I shall be available to you anytime.
                           Thank you

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