I will produce a natural realistic and believable testimonial

Wonderful thank you very much
Reviewed by annaherman258 2 months ago
Great natural video testimonial & on time too. Thanks
Reviewed by cliffe 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by koyesuddin 3 months ago
Excellent job! Thank you so much - it was just perfect :-)
Reviewed by richierich66 3 months ago
Reviewed by aaronbranch 5 months ago
Very natural! The background even matched my script-- the quality and attention to detail was outstanding and I highly recommend.
Reviewed by angiebio 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by woodchip35 5 months ago
hi Davina, brilliant work,so natural .I love it. thanks for a great service.
Reviewed by steelsheds 7 months ago
Prompt! Natural, genuine and believable!
Reviewed by timthomas721 7 months ago
Awesome turnaround time.Thanks, will come back again :)
Reviewed by vishal27 7 months ago
Excellent work with my special request, and she overdelivered! I'm a very happy customer.
Reviewed by mrkaur 7 months ago
Reviewed by snseduce 8 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by ewalters73 8 months ago
produce a natural realistic and believable testimonial
produce a natural realistic and believable testimonial
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About This Gig

If your website, product or business requires a truly believable testimonial from somebody who will seem like your average customer then look no further: I can do that for you. I've provided naturalistic testimonials for a range of companies, including a leading games company.

50 words equals one gig - order more gigs for a longer video. Send me the script or I will incorporate your bullet points/ideas into my own sentences. If you'd like a more formal script composing, then I can do that for an additional $5. Scripts are often not required.

I record at my home (kitchen, front room, dining table, desk, bedroom or garden) and edit and master with professional grade equipment. I wear my usual casual clothing. If you want something different, then please contact me before you order to see whether or not it is possible. I won't charge extra for any simple changes of location or dress, etc.

I can also add other editing touches, such as logos, background music and text, for more gigs.

Please note: I don't redo the video unless I make a mistake.
I will record about most things...accept anything too financial or medical.

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50 word testimonial in a realistic and natural style.

4 days delivery
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