I will give you creative advice

give you creative advice

About This Gig

Stuck for an idea? Hit a 'brick wall'? Need some creative advice? Give me the chance to help you! 

I don't see things as a 'problem' I see a 'solution waiting to happen'! I'm a positive type of person with bags of ideas! 

Stuck on a plot line? Not sure what to do in a situation? Need a 'theme' for a project or essay/story? Send me your dilemma and I'll answer you quickly and creatively!

I think outside the box and as a lateral thinker I am never short of an idea!
I'm the type of person, complete strangers feel at ease with and confide in.

So you are assured of my confidentiality. 

I create stories for adults and children as well as poetry. I create costumes, event idea's, plan and decorate conventions and develop projects for local charity. I run my own t-shirt printing business from home making all my own designs. I create poetry, lyrics and jingles, even in my sleep! 

I've helped others for many years on things like: 
  • Essays/novel writing
  • Business names
  • Designs and Logo's
  • Practical advice for life and marriage
  • Pet advice and information

Whether it is about 'Love, Life or Literature' then I will give you advice. 

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