About This Gig

I will hike as close as someone can legally get to the HOLLYWOOD Sign and hold up a sign of your choice! -I will take 1-2 photos holding up your sign. -I will write with black Sharpie OR type out your message in black ink and print it out on white 8.5 x 11 paper so it can be read clearly. * Please see Gig Extras for wardrobe, color printing and promotional video options. *People use these signs for a number of creative reasons, such as: Sending a message to a loved one= - they email them the photo - "I love ___"," ___ get well soon!", "Happy Birthday___", "Best of luck with the audition/new job___!" Promoting their business and or websites= - place the photo on your website or print it out for your store front Creating unique rivalry messages= -"Gators will beat the Seminoles!" -"UCLA beats USC!" or vice versa -"Brittany will outrun ____ at the LA Marathon!" Promoting themselves= -"Hollywood needs ___!" -"Hi mom!___ made it to Hollywood!" -"___ is a STAR!" And many more! How can I help the HOLLYWOOD Sign work for you? * I also provide "Gig Extras" where you can choose wardrobe (respectful always). Check out my past work: http://flic.kr/ps/KoDGB