I will do a customized Tarot reading for you

do a customized Tarot reading for you

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Description The Week Ahead The Golden Star The Celtic Cross
  A quick look into the near future that also reveals the dominate influences in your coming week. Work or love dilemmas. Illuminates what is most important to you. Examination of a complex situation or set of attitudes that illuminates past, present and future
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About This Gig

I will be using The Golden Tarot deck to interpret your coming week, a love or work dilemma, or complex situations. Please read through the following choices and select the package with the reading that best suites your needs.

For "The Week Ahead" I will need no information from you. This is a fairly basic reading. A significator, the central meaning for the reading, is drawn along with 7 cards for each day of the week.

For "The Golden Star" I will need you to ask yourself a yes or no question. For example, "Is this relationship going anywhere?". You do not have to tell me the question. A significator will be drawn along with 5 other cards: The present, known desires, hidden factors, possible outcomes and attitudes and the outcome. All will be interpreted and can be related back to your question.

For "The Celtic Cross" I will need you to think on a complex situation or set of attitudes/emotions you are trying to work out. No need to share. 10 cards will be drawn and interpretted. The present situation, what is helping or hindering you, the best you can achieve at present, hidden factors, the past, your next move, how you see yourself, others' attitudes, hopes or fears, the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you tell me which card is which?
    Yes. I will tell you not only which card I have drawn but also provide the interpretation.
  • Will I get an overall summary?
    Yes. I will provide a complete reading including all of your individual card interpretations as well as an overall summary to help you better understand your reading.
  • Are you guessing?
    Not really. Each card has a specific meaning for both upright and reversed positions. All I do is lay them out in the selected spread and interpret them in the order they are drawn. From there, the rest of the interpretation is up to you!