I will consult on startup businesses

consult on startup businesses

About This Gig

So, you have decided to start a business and do not know where to begin? Right? We can offer more customized packages to fulfill your needs, just send us a message.

We are here to help you navigate through the process. This is something we have done many, many, many times and we are here to provide our assistance as your Startup Consultant exclusively on fiverr.

Starting a business is not cheap, but taking the right steps is VITAL to your continued success. Please review our gig plans and our gig extras.

Additionally, the following conditions do apply to all of our gig plans:

1. Filing fees are not included. There are filing fees less than $125 to form an LLC or INC; filing fees if you need a registered agent for $100 or less; and filing fees for a trademark $225 per application. If you want specifics, send us a message first.
2. If you need something not in our gig package, let us know for a custom offer or custom extra. We can probably do it.
3. No ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP EXISTS BY PURCHASING THIS GIG NOR DO WE PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. This is for the work of an international legal consult based in the US.

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This is for a consultation on how to move forward with your startup and what services you may need

6 days delivery