I will create contract or research legal question for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
create contract or research legal question
create contract or research legal question

About This Gig

DISCLAIMER 1: For $5, you can ask one legal question that requires five minutes of research or less and we will provide the research to answer this question. We do not do contracts for $5, please send us a message first. Also, if it is a more in-depth question you need researched, please message us first. 

Do you Need an American scholar to educate you or your business on what US or International law says; what regulations are in a specific area; or on compliance issue? Need someone to do the research on your personal or business project/question? Need someone to write a concise summary of what the law says? You could be an international business that needs export/import compliance research, you've come to the right place!

DISCLAIMER 2: This gig is for the assistance of a legal consultant and is educational in nature. We won't act as your attorney nor will an attorney-client relationship be instituted. This isn't legal advice nor a legal opinion. If you needed, seek the advice of a licensed Attorney in your jurisdiction.