I will bless you with wish granting reiki

bless you with wish granting reiki

About This Gig

The purpose of the Make a Wish Blessing is simple: To help your wishes come true!

Have fun with this energy! It will probably work best when you are not taking it seriously. This energy is also an experiment, so let go of expecting anything from it. If it works, great, if not, try again! Having a light-hearted attitude will keep you open to the best things coming, things that maybe you didn't expect.

Try to work on one wish at a time with this energy. Give it a little space to come true. You can of course work on as many wishes as you want at once, but try to keep your energies as focused as possible on one wish, and then move on to other goals.

This energy only works with good intentions. Don't use your wish to try to hurt someone else or take away free will. For example, using your wish to try to break up a happy marriage so you can steal a husband away from his wife is bad karma. This is not a good use of your energy. Instead, wish for the right relationship for you to come along in the right way with the right timing.