I will release Free Floating Emotions in your energy field

release Free Floating Emotions in your energy field

About This Gig

What are Free Floating Emotions? They are emotions that are currently floating around in your semi-conscious mind (the boarder between the conscious and subconscious) and amongst the border between the mental and the emotional body. They are emotions that are causing angst, agitation, anxiety, and a feeling of being unsettled. I can perform a specific magnetic therapy that uses the meridians in your body to release unwanted or unnecessary energies. 

How do emotions turn into energies? Not every emotion becomes a FFE or Trapped Emotion(TE). We can feel an emotion and it will not stick to your energy field, but sometimes, that emotion has a charge that allows it to become stuck in the energy field. TE become trapped in a specific location and take a specific therapy to remove, called the Emotion Code. It takes a lot of charge on an emotion to make it into a TE. FFE have some charge, but not nearly enough to become lodged in a specific place. The charge they still hold can do damage, but they can be released using a generalized meridian therapy that I have designed.