I will write powerful marketing copy that sells in french

write powerful marketing copy that sells in french

About This Gig

***Early Bird Bonus***

The first 50 reviews (positive or negative, don't care) I get for this gig will get a one page analysis of a sales page, an autoresponder, a website or a funnel.

The difference between writing that sells and writing that fails to do so can mean a difference of thousands of dollars for your business.

Finding a good copywriter is hard.

Finding a french copywriter is hard.

Finding a good french copywriter was impossible...until now.

What you're getting

For just $5 I'll write about 50 words maximum of copy for you. This can be an email, short copy, a headline, a video script...whatever involves selling in print.

How to make this gig work for you :

I will need to know three things :
- who I'm writing to
- what do they want
- what do you want them to do

That's it.

Check out the bonuses !

I can provide you with more copy for extra $$$, if you need long copy !

Why am I doing this for so cheap ?

Let's not kid ourselves here, you'll be getting much more than $5 worth of value.

Thing is, I have a lot of experience writing copy in english, but almost none in french ! My own country !

So I need a portfolio.  

So I'll slave away for you in exchange for your help with that !