I will proofread and edit all your business related documents in English

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proofread and edit all your business related documents in English

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In today's day and age, it is essential for professionals to be able to communicate as professionally and efficiently as possible in the English language. I'm a skilled writer and proofreader who has spent approximately 10 years in the consulting industry and has gained a significant amount of experience in writing and editing English language reports and other documents. It is essential that the English that is used in work-related and/or client-related documents is 100% accurate and does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. These errors can often times reflect poorly on your work and can potentially lead a client to refrain from conducting business with you or your company. I will assist you in proofreading, editing and correcting your English in any work related document, including reports, memo's, email's, etc. (max. 10 pages). I guarantee that I will provide explanations as to why I made the changes (by using track changes in MS Word, as well as comments in the sidelines) and that you will be able to see every change that I've made. I will provide one review service, as well as allow for follow up questions regarding my changes and edits.

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