I will train you how to use a Eurorack Modular system

train you how to use a Eurorack Modular system
train you how to use a Eurorack Modular system
train you how to use a Eurorack Modular system

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Description Eurorack Modular Building advice How to use your modules. Modular MAX
  I will offer you suggestions on which modules will be the best choices for building your rack. I will teach you how to use up to 3 modules of your choice I am offering exclusive 1 on 1 training to help you build and use a modular Synth. AND A BONUS GIFT
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About This Gig

A Eurorack Modular Synth at first glance is probably the most intimidating instrument ever created.
However, beneath the huge mess of patch cables is fairly straight forward Instrument that almost anyone who's got will, can learn how to play.

I assume that if you're responding to this gig, you already know what a eurorack modular synth is. But for those who don't. Its exactly what the name is.  A synthesizer that is built from individual modular components. Each module serves a different purpose in creating & shaping sound. None of the modules are inter connected. Instead, patch cables are used on the surface to route the signal through the modules.

Knowing where to place the patch cables often times is the daunting part of learning to play this instrument. But thats where I come in, and I will help you get over the hump and on your own. 

I've been producing music for 20+ years. about 5 years ago I started to build my own eurorack collection. More than $23,000 invested, Ive had the privaledge of getting hands on with countless modules and learning exactly how they all work and function

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you offer me a custom tailored gig?
    Absolutely! I don't think I ever saw 2 of the exact same modular racks. So offering the exact same training to every person just wouldn't make much sense. Whether you've got a rack with 5 modules or 50. Even if you've got no modules and you just need help getting started, I can help