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call the Market Direction for the Day

About This Gig

Each day sometime before 6:45 AM Arizona time I will provide you the market move that will get you at least a couple points.  If you follow me religiously you will double every couple months.  If you don't like my pick refund it.  I am already making money.  

You can use your current platform and broker.  If you don't have one and live outside the US use IC Markets.  I trade the S&P or the US500.

with IC Markets you can start with $1000.  Low risk.  Bet 1 contract or 1 lot.  It will take time, but my system works.  Just pay $5 each day and you will see.  Actually you can trade for free on the demo.  But you have to pay me $5.  You refund me once.  I won't be mad.  You will be back.  No one wins more than I do!  I am doing this to just help people in third world countries that don't know how to trade.  If you are a day trader I think you will be super surprised how good I call the Market.  My friends call me the Black Box...

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