I will add 100 items from your shop to Polyvore

add 100 items from your shop to Polyvore

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7 days delivery

Clip 100 items

Import 100 product images to Polyvore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you import more than 100 product images?
    Absolutely, yes. Just let me know how many product images you need me to import and I can send you a custom offer for the additional images. You may get a discount, depending on the number of images you want imported to Polyvore.
  • I have more than one product image per product. Will you clip all of them?
    I will import at least 100 images in this gig (e.g. 10 images/product for 10 products, or 1 image/product for 100 products etc). I advise you import multiple images per product because Polyvore users may prefer images with a different angle, a different color etc. Don't sell yourself short. :)
  • Are there products you prefer not to import?
    Yes, I will not work with certain products that go against my personal beliefs e..g products indicating violence, profanities etc. To be sure we are on the same page, contact me first.
  • Will my products import to Polyvore?
    Most times, products import without issues. However, sometimes, the Polyvore import tool does not work on certain websites- this is an issue that has to do with how the site is built. Please contact me before ordering so I can do a test import to see whether it works for your site.