I will help you to prepare a quality plan to check the site work

help you to prepare a quality plan to check the site work
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About This Gig

Before you start the site work, you need to have a quality plan and/or checklist on hand to demonstrate to your customers your concern on quality and willingness to deliver a product or service meeting their expectation.

During the working process, this quality plan and/or checklist reminds you, the workers and the supervisor what should be inspected and tested, the frequency and method of inspection and testing, the acceptance criteria, remedial action and proposed completion date, re-inspection date etc. It can also be used as a punch list and quality record with tracing of responsible person.

I can prepare standard or custom quality plan and/or checklist for various trades which include excavation and support, foundation, concrete/metal structure, masonry and exterior stone, ornamental/misc metal, carpentry, roofing, door & hardware, storefront/windows/curtain wall/metal panel, finishes, elevator, plumbing and sprinkler, HVAC, electrical etc.