I will help you learn some of the basics of Japanese

help you learn some of the basics of Japanese

About This Gig

Always wanted to learn Japanese? Heading on a trip to Japan? Have a Japanese exchange student in your house? This would be a great deal for you!
For $5, I'll teach you some basic Japanese phrases, things that are simple, but needed to get by in Japan. 
I'll be teaching you things like: 
- How are you?
- Where's the bathroom?
- Where is Tokyo? 
And many more phrases! 
I'll also give you the resources  to learn to read and write with the three basic writing systems of Japanese, and of course, I'll always be here if you need help with how to write them or what each one means. 

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I'll help you learn several very helpful phrases in Japanese over a period of time.

7 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What phrases can you teach me?
    I know Japanese pretty well, I can teach you whatever you need to know. Even silly things like "your cat is beautiful" or "I want to throw a baby out the window"
  • What are written Japanese languages
    There are three! Hiragana is the basic one that exists in all writing. Katakana is usually meant for foreign words or emphasis. Kanji is a combination of hiragana into symbols that represent ideas. It's the final one you learn.