I will expertly answer any one question for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
expertly answer any one question
expertly answer any one question

About This Gig

I have over 20 years of personal experience with the following subjects/issues and have counseled countless people. My advice is no non-sense and to the point. For $5 I will answer one question fully and completely. So if you are unsure of something and need solid advice, order now!

I will provide answers from personal experience and knowledge about any of the following areas:

Romantic relationships and issues of all kinds including but not limited to dating, marriage, engagements, military relationships, homosexual and heterosexual relationships and long distance, cheating, sex and intimacy, domestic violence, blending families, divorce, custody battles, parenting styles, etc... Also life Issues including but not limited to PTSD, substance abuse, employment issues, parenting, pregnancy, etc...

**Please note that I do not claim to be licensed in the medical, mental health or legal fields nor do I guarantee any outcomes. You should seek the guidance of a licensed professional for any and all medical, mental and legal issues. Any persons seeking advice assumes full responsibility for any actions they take after receiving my advice.**