I will professionally edit your resume for $5

professionally edit your resume
professionally edit your resume

About This Gig

I have spent over 5 years in recruitment and have personally reviewed thousands of resumes. I have also professionally created hundreds of resumes and cover letters. I have done everything from job creation, resume review and selection to interviewing. I know what recruiters are looking for and more importantly what is guaranteed to get your resume tossed in the reject pile.

I will review your resume (up to 2 pages) and edit formatting, syntax, spelling, grammar and content so that your resume stands out. I will make sure your resume is reflective of your career level, job interest and industry. If you prefer, to protect your privacy you can leave your address and telephone numbers blank and I will leave a space for you to enter them later. Let me help you get that job you have your eye on!

Check out my Gig extras for extra fast processing and adding a cover letter to maximize your impact!

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G. Ellis