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Please check the PDF file to see the required informationbuddy.

Get your marketing plan immediately from the best marketing and business plan resource - BP4U.

Our qualified team will create a full customized marketing and business plan based on our gig description in - 24 HOURS.

Are you tired from all the business templates and simple plans?

What will be included?

You will get:

A specially created business and marketing plan, which contains the most important information for your business. Whatever type of business you want to start you will need a perfect overall business plan, which includes: Marketing Vision, Goals, Market Needs, Marketing Mix, Strategic Goals, Keys to Success, Critical Factors, Picture, Marketing Description, Core Strategy, Product/Service Innovation, Marketing Materials, Web Plan, Social Media Plan, SWOT.

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10 pages - 5$.
15 pages - 10$.
20 pages - 20$.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who We Are?
    We are a young team, consisting of different business planners and enthusiasts that are looking to help, upgrade, or change your business for good. Our team is creating a wide range of business and marketing plans on a daily basis for each kind of business you may know, so we BELIEVE we can help!
  • Why to Choose Us?
    We are the Top Business Planning Solution in Fiverr with more than 12,000 completed orders and more than 6600 profile reviews. We are not looking for clients only, but for a long-term relationship, where you can trust us and ask for anything you want to know after getting your finished product :)
  • What will be included in My Marketing Plan?
    Your plan will include: Marketing Vision, Goals, Market Needs, Marketing Mix, Strategic Goals, Keys to Success, Picture, Marketing Description, Core Strategy, Product/Service Innovation, Marketing Materials, Web Plan, Social Media Plan, and Different Marketing Strategies.
  • What is the Delivery Time?
    You will get your plan within 1 day for FREE :) With the Super fast delivery you will get your plan within 5 HOURS Delivery (GET IT NOW FACTOR) for (+$10). Our team will make sure to provide you with the fastest way to get your plan :)
  • What is the Information that we need from You?
    We need some very simple but helpful information, including: Business name (so we can include it in your plan), History of the Company, Products or Services, Industry, Location, Target Market & Possible Clients, Business owner (so we can include your name). Let us help you :)
  • How we Create the Plan?
    Hey! Minutes after providing the needed information, we would start your plan by carefully checking everything you sent - based on our gig description & gig Points. Please note that we create the plan only Based on Your Business and Our Description. Let us help you :)
  • Will I get some Extras/Freebies?
    100% Yes!! For Each ORDER, you will get Freebies from our Gig Extras. Our Mission and Vision is to enhance your business in each possible way, so we will really do our best to help you! Warmest Regards, Lubo
  • Will I get some Revisions if needed?
    We promise that you will get at least 2 Absolutely Free Revisions if you need them. Our hard working team will make sure that you will get your revision within 24 hours as we know that you need the Finished Product in a great quality! Let us help you :)
  • TOP Packages
    a) LIMITED OFFER - $20 (Marketing + Business Plan = 18+ PAGES Each & 1 Day Delivery. b) BIZ TOP MATE - $45 (Marketing + Business Plan = 20 PAGES Each + Financial Samples & 1 Day Delivery. c) BIZ TOP MATE with 5 HOURS Delivery - $55. d) BIZ TOP MATE + Company Profile Presentation - $70.
  • What are the Extra Pages?
    Thank you for your interest! With the Extra Pages you will get more content based on your Business, Industry, and our gig Description (Points). You will get more strategies and quality information for your company, idea, or start-up. Let us help you!