I will create an intro email that connects with your audience

create an intro email that connects with your audience

About This Gig

I'll have your audience craving to see just how good your product or service is 'like an Apple addict on prelaunch day'.

Have you ever wondered why your list doesn't respond to you?
Have you created a product & just want people to buy it, but you heard about this 'optin thing' & now you're trying to learn a whole new skill?
You're not alone!
Most creators are good at what they do.
And, that's all that they want to do -- CREATE more stuff.
But, you gotta eat, too!
And, pay bills & buy nice clothes. Get gas every so often (or pay for Uber)...

It'd be nice to sit around and just create, create, create.
But, here's the reality (don't be sad about this)...
Your money (and your future) is 'in your list'.
Yep. You gotta have people and you gotta make a good impression...
from the beginning!
Sounds daunting, right?

Don't worry your precious little introverted head about it.
I used to be that way, too.
Until I found this guy...
Well, actually, he's my alter ego.
I affectionately call him, The Professrr.
But, you can call him Your Saving Grace...
Because that's what we're (is that weird to say we) going to do for you:
Save you from 'death by conversation'.
We all know the initial approach is the hardest!

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3 days delivery 2 Revisions

My New BVF (best virtual friend)

* learn your products and offerings * get to know your personality * tailor email to your audience

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