I will provide drug councelling for concerned parents

provide drug councelling for concerned parents

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  The first contact would be to introduce me to your personal situation. This package includes some easy to digest learning material about the drugs affecting you. 1 hour long skype session. learning about drugs and addiction. and how it relates.
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I studied psychology and philosophy, as well as social sciences, humanities, international human rights law, the chemistry of drugs and the science of addiction.

Parents who have children experimenting with drugs often do not know how to talk to their child or what they are going through. Often they do not understand why a teenager is acting in this way. Sometimes there is a real danger of addiction and self destructive behaviour.

I will provide comprehensive feedback and offer support and possible angles and view points.

It is important to note that the parents know their child best. I cannot and will not provide a fix or a solution to the problem. I provide questions that each parent can ask themselves that will guide them to the answer. Often people don't like having a mirror held in front of them and realising that they are the problem.

But often this motivates families to open up to each other and confide in one another which goes a long way.