I will give helpful blended family advice

give helpful blended family advice

About This Gig

Let's face it, blending a family is never easy.    Sometimes it is extremely difficult.   It is not impossible, however, to create a happy and healthy home as a blended family.

I am in a successful second marriage, am an adoptive parent, step parent and biological parent.  Whether you are just dealing with exes, or you are raising children in this context, I can help.   

If you are a young person who is dealing with difficult step-family issues, I can help you to be proactive in changing a negative situation into something that will help your home be less stressful and more positive for you.

I will be a listening ear, and will give good advice as a friend, to help you deal with anything relating to your blended family.

Here is what you will receive from me via email:

  • I will address one specific issue relating to the blended family, giving you some appropriate advice for that situation.
  • I will give you at least 2 action steps to take with regard to your situation. 

*Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney, so I will not be able to give legal advice.  The input I give comes from my successful experiences and will relate to dealing with issues on a personal relationship level.

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