I will fix your wordpress site

fix your wordpress site

About This Gig

I will fix your wordpress site when someone messes it up. We all know sometimes you get ahold of a developer that cant deliver. Ill fix that. I've been doing this longer than probably most people here on fiverr. I don't care your issue your paying me to fix it and thats what ill do. You are paying for an expert. 

I can fix ill written plugins that crash your site. I can fix most bad themes someone has talked you into. I can fix css issues and database errors. I can add new features or remove old ones. I can update or uninstall. 

You can keep hiring people to further crash your site or you can hire me and if it is possible ill fix what you have. It might mean a whole host of things that we need to do to fix it. 

Order Details

Expert Wordpress Fix

Ill fix your site.

3 days delivery 1 Revision