I will edit your voiceover remove noise breaths and stumbles

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edit your voiceover remove noise breaths and stumbles

About This Gig

Are you voiceover person, voice actor, or vocalist, but you don't have the skill, time or software to edit your tracks?

I am a Voice Over pro with a side helping of IT guy and a dash of Audio Nerd and I will help you!

5min of raw audio!

Provide me with:
  • Your purpose
  • vocal track
  • 5 seconds of silence before or after the recording

And I will:
  • use the 5s of silence to build a "noise profile" and remove the ambient tone and hiss.
  • Scrub out low frequency rumble.
  • Edit out stumbled lines.  Just make sure you have ONE good line!
  • Gain stage the recording (Voiceover -0dBa,  Music/Film Vocals -6dBa)
  • Add a touch of compression for Voiceover.  Not for Music or film. 
  • Add EQing for Music or Film.  Not for Voiceover.

*Please note, I will make your Audio better but this is not magic.  If your Audio was recorded in a Gym on a smart phone, I will make it sound 100% better.  But it won't sound like a Studio Recording.

Order Details

Voiceover editing

Remove breaths, room noise

  • Up to 5 Minutes
2 days delivery