I will teach you what I did to get out of BRONZE in League of Legends

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teach you what I did to get out of BRONZE in League of Legends

About This Gig

League of Legends is a competitive, fun, frustrating and addictive game and many do not find success in the game. I've seen tons of friends voice frustration because they are in Bronze. I'm not very high 'elo' either since I am in Gold, but I was part of the struggle to get out of Bronze for a very, very long time. 

There were things I did to get out of Bronze and I will explain them to you if you purchase this gig. It required the right pool of champions, decision making, mechanics and above all teamwork, but I finally found the mix and made it to Silver and beyond. I was placed in Bronze 2 and dropped to Bronze 5. It was a frustrating climb and I've helped a countless amount of friends climb and I want to help you too because I know how annoying it is to be stuck in Bronze 5.

You will receive a PDF guide from me with my own personal tricks and tips and what I did to climb. You can also contact me for some free tips if you aren't confident with buying my gig and order more at any time! For an additional cost, I can also play games with you in normals to help you out with different champions etc.

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