I will seO your Exact Match Domain

seO your Exact Match Domain

About This Gig

If you have an EMD then you must build links in a fashion that will not get your domain penalized, as it is easy to do.

We will SEO your EMD  (Exact Match Domain) by building  a bed of  semi and relevant backlinks (careful not to use your main keyword) that will  "insulate" your  domain from pentalities.   Some call this pillowing.
We vary anchor text and do not use your main keywords,again to reduce the possibility of a penalty. 

Depending on age of domain we build 3-12 links per day in 2 tiers . First tier is 25 + BL , over 15 day period.  Tier 1 is web 2.0, PDFs and may contain socials (twitter-scoopit,ect) a few high authority bookmarks. T2 is more of the same.

We dont do spammy stuff

More details/info is revealed when asked. (becker style pillowing)
Ask us if you have questions

**no porn,pills, or gambling sites.**