I will fix your Excel Worksheet

fix your Excel Worksheet
fix your Excel Worksheet
fix your Excel Worksheet

About This Gig

I will Create or Fix your formulas on one Excel Worksheet so that your spreadsheet gives an accurate, but more importantly the appropriate answer. 

If your Excel WorkBook has multiple WorkSheets, please order an additional gig for each additional WorkSheet.  Large WorkBooks may require more than 2 days.

As an MBA and retired CPA, my specialty is business, finance, accounting and investment related spreadsheets and other documents.

Here is why your Excel expert should have business/financial experience:

A formula may be mathematically correct and still be giving you an answer that is wrong from a business standpoint.

Here’s what one client said about my work (including many embedded spreadsheets) on the current Fourth Edition of Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations, published by Jossey-Bass (Wiley).  One coauthor (McCue) said, “I think what really sets you apart from even the best nonfinancial proofreaders is how your financial and accounting background enables you to catch issues where the numbers and even the math may be right, but the information flow does not make sense from a financial perspective.”

Please contact before ordering.