I will help you Decide Which House To Buy, spreadsheet

help you Decide Which House To Buy, spreadsheet

About This Gig

Have you looked at a lot of houses, and trying to decide which is best for you is making your head hurt?

Imagine being able to put each house’s facts and feelings into an Excel decision-support spreadsheet and immediately see which house scores best, based on the importance that you have assigned to each fact and each feeling.

I will send you my "Decide Which House To Buy" Excel spreadsheet for $5.

You can easily enter important notes, facts (price, bedrooms, commuting time, etc. - with space to add more) and feelings (love the yard, laundry room location, garage size, etc. - with room to add more).

Assign your own quality score and importance to each item. The spreadsheet then calculates - based on your own unique facts and feelings - which house suits you best.

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