I will edit your writing to be funny

edit your writing to be funny

About This Gig

I will make your writing funny in my bizarre style.

$5 for 250 words.

I will replace words, add metaphors, insert comparisons, and a whole bunch of other stuff to make your piece of work into a piece of art.
I won't be changing your content, so don't worry. I'll merely make it more entertaining to read.

-Make sure you enjoy my bizarre style first
-Your piece may end up with more words than before
-I will not be editing for spelling and grammar; I will at a very basic level (if it's very obvious) but professional editing of grammar is not what I'm offering here
-I may reword some things you say but the main idea and all its pertinent details will be there

Please feel free to request your needs (severity of my style, vulgarity, etc.).

Students with detail-hungry teachers: this is it.
They want detail... they're getting detail alright.

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