I will leave 10 comments anywhere

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leave 10 comments anywhere
leave 10 comments anywhere

About This Gig

I will leave c0mments/reviews on your blog, website, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter (I can tweet you and/or reply to your tweets), Instagram, Amazon, Google+, adult video... ANYWHERE! As long it's free to leave a c0mment (or free to create an account to leave the comment), I can do it for you.

The 10 c0mments can be spread out on different sites/platforms/pages/articles/videos/songs/etc.

They will be up to 50 words.

It is my goal to come up with quality c0mments that will appear natural and organic, not spambot or purchased.

Before ordering, please message me and specify:
1) Gender (I can comment as a male or a female, or ambiguous, or all/some of the above).
2) C0mment Style (see photos above, I can do more just ask).
*Please note I will not leave illegal, threatening, or bullying message. Unless if they're really horrible, like Donald Trump. I can give constructive criticism and a little humorous shade but nothing extreme. I can attack points and material but never people.
3) The places where you want me to leave the comments

You can ask to see the c0mments before I post them as well. Whatever you have in mind, just message me and ask :)